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Have you been Seeking for the best way to work, study or Live Abroad under sponsorship? You are on the right page; because on this page you will Find out Instant Quality Results on how to Get American Visa lottery Approval. Discover Quality and Best Guide you have to study, Live or work Abroad. Meanwhile. all these are free with the help of Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) Program Agency.

American Visa lottery

American Visa lottery Form & Application Guide

Basic Benefits of American Green Card(USA Visa)

There are lot of benefits that will follow the winners of the 2022-2023 American Visa Lottery Applicants:

  1. You Can Live in USA(Free Citizenship)
  2. You can Study with Grants and Sponsorship
  3. US Green Card can guaranty your Work space abroad

Point to Note: The U.S. Embassy announces the opening of the 2022 Diversity Visa Lottery Program (DV-2022) for 2022-2023 section. Often called the “Green Card Lottery,”.

However, you can Proceed with your Registration just as this page and Paragraph Below describe: ====>>>> The lottery aims to diversify the immigrant population in the United States, by selecting applicants mostly from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States in the previous five years. To apply for a diversity visa, follow the steps on the Diversity Visa Process from the blow Instructions:

American Visa Lottery Forms

What’s new here?

  1. American Visa Lottery
  2. Green Card Requirements
  3. US Visa Lottery demands
  4. What you should do and don’t do during the Application Process
  5. Application Proceed
  6. Recommendation, Demand and Application Form link.

This annual U.S. government-sponsored program makes more than 50,000+ immigrant visas available worldwide. Meanwhile, it is open to persons from countries, including Trinidad and Tobago, African Region, Asian region and other Part of the World except U.S Citizens with lower rates of immigration to the United States.

Recall as we said earlier; this Application process is free and program requirements are simple, but strict.

Just on the Applicant site;

Applicants who apply for a Diversity Visa but do not have the required education or training experience will not qualify to immigrate to the U.S. Applicants should check the requirements below by to make sure they qualify before applying.

Moreover, all applications must be submitted electronically. Applicants may apply at anytime during the registration period and are strongly encouraged not to wait until the last week of the registration period to enter, as heavy demand may result in website delays. No entries will be accepted after noon on February 27, 2023. Meanwhile, the earlier the better if you want to make it to the merit list.

Note: For more information about entry requirements, along with frequently asked questions about the program, please see the below instructions for the DV-2022/2023 Diversity Visa lottery at the Official DV Lottery State Gov Portal Below.

However, Applicants will not receive notification letters by mail, email or phone. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to check this website for notification of lottery section.

Just as there is no fee to apply. Winners (only) of the Diversity Visa lottery pay a fee directly to the U.S. Embassy for their Clearance on the day of their visa interview.

When registering for the lottery, applicants must print and save their confirmation page with their unique confirmation code in order to check the status of their entry. Applicants must take care to keep this page; the Embassy cannot replace this confirmation code.

More on America Visa Lottery Processing:

On Approval, DV-2022 entrants will be able to use their unique confirmation number to see if their entry was selected via the online Entrant Status Check website below.

Successful entrants will receive instructions for how to apply for immigrant visas for themselves and their eligible family members. Confirmation of visa interview appointments will also be made through Entrant Status Check.

All entrants should keep their confirmation number until September 30 and December 7, 2022. whether they are initially on the selection list or not. Do well to start you America Visa Lottery Application Now from this Form Below:

My advice for this Visa Lottery Applicants:

Diversity Visa applicants should remain vigilant for fraudulent emails, websites, and letters claiming to be part of the application process. These are in use by scammers posing as the U.S. Government in an attempt to extract money.

Meanwhile, Applicants are to report any instances of fraud related to the DV Lottery to the official email and website on this page. Applicants are reminded that there is no fee to apply for Diversity Visas, and the U.S.A. Government does not request any payments via email or letter.

7 advantages of American Visa lottery

An American visa lottery enables many immigrants to begin their journey to full United States citizenship. And here are the 7 advantages you must know:

1. Less official paperwork to fill out

Unlike other kinds of residency permits that have to be renewed either annually or biannually, a America visa lottery, only needs to be renewed once every ten years. The renewal process for America visa lottery starts around six months before the expiry date on the card, which is when you need to fill out the Form I-90 and submit it to the USCIS.

2. Contribute to political campaigns

Politics are an important part of American life. Americans consider being active politically to be a virtue. The U.S Federal Election Committee does allow for America visa lottery holders to contribute financially to their favored political party.

3. You can sponsor immediate relatives

If you hold a US America visa lottery, it gives you the chance to sponsor your immediate family members and give them the ability to stay in the United States with you. And it is defined by US Immigration as unmarried children under 21 years old, parents, and spouses. Take a look at our glossary for more immigration-related definitions.

4. Attend university for less

Many colleges, universities, and vocational schools in the United States charge out-of-state and international students higher tuition fees. With a America visa lottery, you are considered an in-state resident and can save money on college tuition.

5. Easier travel in and out of the United States

One of the best benefits of having a America visa lottery is that it makes traveling in and out of the United States so much easier compared to having a temporary visa. US Immigration services are required to admit all America visa lottery holders because the visa lottery is a symbol of their permanent lawful status in the country. This is one of the many problems that comes with having an expired America visa lottery, which is one reason it is so important to renew your America visa lottery well before the expiration date.

6. Better career opportunities

Another advantage of having a America visa lottery is access to better career opportunities. While the average immigrant would need to be sponsored for their work visa by the company they work for, a America visa lottery holding permanent legal resident is free to work at just about any company in the United States. They are also able to establish a company of their own or become an entrepreneur if they so choose. >>> Start your Application below … and after registration ask Questions for more guide by joining our Free email Subscribers today >>>

7. Qualify to receive social security benefits

The Social Security Administration (SSA), which is primarily funded through payroll taxes, offers economic security to retired and disabled people. Around 1 in 4 American families rely on social security benefits. These benefits range from food and America visa lottery is also for childcare assistance to medical care assistance.


Once you have finish reading the instructions and Guide on this page above and below, you should start with the Application Process which is easy and you can start it now right from your Device.

However,  we recommend that the only way to officially apply for a green card lottery is to apply online at the US Department of State web site which is below this page.

However, the online form that you fill, Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form, that is available only during the DV open registration period. meanwhile, You can not download the form and fill it out so you must fill and submit everything online.

Which countries are eligible for green card lottery

Here are what you should have in mind and once you are from any of the African CountriesAsia and other developing countries, you can start you are Application right away:

Meanwhile, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (Mainland-Born), Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Peru, South Korea, United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories, and Vietnam. (Note: Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are eligible.)

What You Need to Do Always

Here are some Guides and instructions you should Always perform during any online registration:

Make use of single profile –

What do you think of this? … The best way you can make claims to your award is only when you have the full documentation and once there is a duplication of your Application you will disqualified immediately. so the best thing you have to do is to make your a single registration with this program.

Read the instructions carefully –

How best did you understand the instructions given for this Application?  If in any way you don’t get them clear, do contact the admin to help you better via email or better still make use of the contact box below the page and make sure you get response before Application.

Ask questions on any were you are confuse –

Just as you read above make your request for better understanding and guide to gain easy and secure approval its all free.

Chat up the main portal for clarifications –

On the next steps do make check on your Account for messages and other inbox mail for a greater Good.

make use of your legal details –

How legal are you details? that show even if you are registering for yourself or someone else, you need make use of the correct details for easy claim of award.

Double Check your Application before Submission –

Review your Application before final submission to make sure you are not making some silly mistakes like spellings and disarrangement of words etc.

capitalize your details if on the instructions –

Follow the instructions careful and do what ever that is needed of you.

Join the free email subscribers –

Every online sponsorship or registration or instruction portals do have free email subscribers and you should do well by joining them for notifications on latest updates.

Follow up the promo and notifications –

No Notification is useless you can in many ways make use of the notification for better Good. that’s why you have to read them carefully to understand what’s in for you as applicant.

Check out your email for more instructions –

Are you done with the submission? you should have an email in your inbox notifying that you have submitted your Application and its waiting for approval. Go read it and get more details on the next step(s) to follow.

Now, you get the full details;

Make use of single profile

People can be so careless in making online of offline registration most times, who am a talking about on this page? … Who else if not The Applicants. Most Applicants are to be blamed of their form rejection and do you know while? Yes and you can make your suggestions with the comments box or send us an email through the contact us page and if you don’t know the reason, here are what you should note

  1. Applicants make use of multiple profiles which is very wrong
  2. Some of them make use of wrong spellings
  3. Many gets approval for the profile which they can’t claim

Our Advice; make use of single profile for easy and quick claim of approved profile because you should know that many people are waiting for approval and if you don’t make a sincere claim of your award, it can be given to the second person in line.

Read the instructions carefully

Dear Applicants, Reading of the instructions carefully are the most essential part of any Application.

Do you know why?

First, you can’t Apply for something you don’t understand and if you proceed without total understanding of the instruction will mislead your Applications. Many Application both online or Offline have the basic structure and guide for all the applicants to Follow and without them he or she will be lost on the way which will not even may lead to incomplete registration because you that never read the instructions carefully will miss a steps

Ask questions on any were you are confuse

No one knows it all; what do you thinks you know about your Application? Most people end up make use of misleading steps because they think asking questions about the confusing parts are just form of time wasting. But I tell you today, We get more details on asking relevant questions, even sometimes you can as well ask an irrelevant questions once you are not clear on the part.

Make use of Legal details

Legal details is the sole key to easy claim of award. Have you heard of these questions which most Applicants end up asking and looking for more solution:

  1. My application gain approval but my name is not correct
  2. How can I edit my approved lottery award details
  3. My age is not the same with my documentation for Approval and now it don’t match … Pleas help me out
  4. Please can you help me change my location
  5. How can I claim my award because my details are not matching

Dear, there are many more of these type of questions that is while we are here with the Key factors or guide you need to make easy Approval on the Go.

Once you Make use of your legal details from the start you will never find it difficult to make your claims when the time reached.

Double or Triple Check Application

Do you just click the submission button once you are do filling the registration form? If YES; That is too bad and here is our advice to you dear Applicants.

  1. Make sure you Double or triple check the Application form before submission
  2. Go through the Form line by line to make you didn’t miss any steps
  3. Make use of detailed spellings and Correct them

Just as you should read above, with checking your Applications you can make better decision and make some corrections.

Capitalize details

What did you intrusions say? as  you have read from the instructions, you need to make use of the font and letter types as given. But when your Instructions didn’t clarify you on the later you need to use, Then Make use of Capital Letters for easy reading and understanding my Sponsors because you will not be there to explain your self only your Application will be there to do that.

The Email Subscribers

This is one of the best part and first, you should know that’s free to join the email subscribers and the best action you need to  take are:

  1. Join with any Active email address
  2. Join the email used in the Application
  3. Check out the email for notification and promotional Offers
  4. Make a follow up with any notification you don’t understand and Chat up with their online assistants.

Now, you are Good to Go:

—> Application Link <—


Note: Not everyone will gain this Award that is while you should make your Application very neat and exceptional but in any case you find difficulty with any of the instructions, make use you join our free email subscribers to get your update in the final step(s) to take.

In conclusion, the lottery aims to diversify the immigrant population in the United States, by selecting applicants mostly from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States in the previous five years. To apply for a diversity visafollow the steps on the Diversity Visa Process on usvisas state gov from the below Guide.

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